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A deepening

A deepening
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Alleanza Cattolica is a civic and cultural organization of catholic lay people – independent of any political party – whose aim is the positive and apologetic – therefore also polemic – spreading and realization of the social doctrine of the Church, that is the application of the changeless natural and Christian moral law to the changing historical context.

Alleanza Cattolica intends to realize the establishment of a Christian temporal order and is moved by political charity, namely the love of the common good. Its aim is promoting and building a society "fit for man and in keeping with God’s plan"(Pope John Paul II) – in the perspective of His greater glory, also social – , that is to say a society which can be justly called Christian, since it respects God’s rights and lives consciously inside the borders of Church’s doctrine and moral.

The hope of the establishment of such a civilization is sustained by Our Lady’s promise at Fatima: "In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph".

Alleanza Cattolica carries out an action of civil and cultural training of "workers for a social restoration" and "true friends of the people" (Pope St. Pius X) through the study of the relevant catholic doctrine, as it is spread by the traditional or constant Magisterium of the Church, or deduced from its historical incarnations: the traditions of the individual catholic nations and their family, namely Christendom.

Particular attention is paid to forces aiming to establish the anti-Decalogue as well as the moral and doctrinal falsehood; this implies a specific description of the historical process going from the crisis of Reinassance and Protestantism to Communism and onward. Such a process is the Revolution trying to enthrone itself in the place of God and His law.

In the training of members, spiritual means have the utmost importance, and among them rosary, eucharistic adoration, pilgrimage and spiritual exercises – following St. Ignatius of Loyola’s method – are favored.

Alleanza Cattolica organizes conferences, workshops, lectures, meetings and training courses for individuals and groups, wherever people willing to listen are found.

These activities may concern general topics – mainly Christian and natural political culture – or historical events as well as news items, interpreting and judging them in the light of the changeless social moral.

Another activity of the association is editing and distributing the magazine Cristianità. The magazine follows – among other things – the course of the revolutionary process, exposing the damages it causes as well as the weaknesses and the connivance which favor it.

Besides, Alleanza Cattolica promotes books and texts, some of which are published by the publishing cooperative Cristianità.

Militants of Alleanza Cattolica originated – with others – the CESNUR (Center for Studies on New Religions), the IDIS (Institute for the Social Doctrine and Information), and the ISIN (Institute for the History of Italian Uprisings).

Alleanza Cattolica was constituted unformally in 1960, and more formally in 1968. The association had a regulation ("Direttorio") from 1977, and has had a statute since 1998.